Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gathering nuts

I captured this cute photo of a squirrel just a moment ago! I was watching him gathering nuts and things out of my gutter and then he hopped in the tree. I tried to get a close up of him or her with it's chubby mouth full but I couldn't get one. It did pose for me on the branch though. Lol! It's really nippy out today. It's about 33 degrees out. Brrrrr!Wishing you all a great Saturday and keep warm! Maybe crack some nuts by the fire! Lol!



  1. Oh he looks like the one that hides nuts in my front flower boxes,lol.Then when I remove them he puts them back in.Have a great weekend Tracy!

  2. we don't get squirels here.......boy, we must live waaay out eh?....

    cute little guy...

  3. They definitely have been busy lately, that's for sure. Must mean winter is a coming!
    Happy holidays Tracy :)

  4. Cute!
    I bet I feel as busy as he has been! LOL