Monday, April 19, 2010

Shades of pink

It was a beautiful day yesterday. Sunny, clear blue sky and a little breeze. The pollen here has been unbelievable! The light green powder is everywhere! Luckily I don't have an allergy problem because I really feel sorry for those that do. Ugh! But with that pollen comes spectacular shows from the flowers! I captured some flowers in shades of pink and wanted to share these lovlies. My neighbor has this tree with the pink flowers in the top photo. I don't know what the name of this tree is....they look like carnations all clustered on the branches.
These are my azalea bushes that are in my front and back yards. Oh so pretty! Just thought I would share and wish you all a Happy Monday!



  1. it looks so pretty there Tracy!!!

  2. Gorgeous pictures! You definitely brightened my day.

  3. I so adore all the lovely pinks...blossoms time is my favourite time of the year!!! I so adore visiting you. xoxo

  4. Just beautiful!
    That's the way the pollen was here a few weeks ago. I had my car washed and with in hours it was no longer blue... it was yellow. Thankfully it's slowed down now!

  5. Beautiful photos!! Be careful of the poison oak! LOL! That stuff will take over!