Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dancing among the ivy

You see that lovely shade of light green.. it's poison ivy! It's creeping and dancing all around my English ivy which has taken over our backyard. It is a pretty sight this sea of ivy but not too pretty for the skin! Lol! My daughter had a case of it when we first moved in this house and it was not fun. Oh what lovely things Spring brings! We have wood bees too that love to make holes on my porch. They are really hard to get rid of. They do inspire me though. I made a cuff that is perfect for the bee/insect lover..............
Also..ther are lots of caterpillars in my yard which will soon be turning into lovely butterflies which I was inspired to make this cuff for the Butterfly lover too.....

Just thought I would share some of my inspirations today! Remember to stay clear of the light green leaves with 5 leaves on each stem! A tip for the day!



  1. Hi Tracy!

    Poison ivy is the worst. I had a couple of bad cases of it about six years ago. It takes a while to go away too! Yesterday my daughter got a bad bee sting too. Ah... spring! :)

    Your creations are so pretty! Really beautiful!

  2. Oh yes I know those green leaves well!! lol
    Love your new jewelry pieces, as always :)
    french blessings to you,

  3. oooh, be careful!!!

    your new creations are gorgeous Tracy!!!

  4. Yuck! My son can just look at poison ivy and get it! And because he's a boy, even at 17, he can't seem to stay out of creeks, so he ends up getting it almost every summer.

    Beautiful cuffs!

  5. Oh I just love your designs!

    Did I tell you I blogged about them in my first 'Wednesday's Wish List' ?

  6. I saw your beautiful cuffs on Cornflake's lovely post! Absolutely love them! And I love ivy! I miss having it at my old house...but I just had to move to the mountains and now I am blessed with poison ivy instead of English ivy. lol all well...

  7. Poison ivy is not fun at all....my childhood home had lots of it...not in our yard but all around the area...so I know what it is like. I adore your braclets today my friend...your work is amazing. xoxo

  8. Hi Tracy,
    I first saw your jewelry as Beth was unpacking it in her office. So Lovely!
    Are you selling the bee cuff?