Tuesday, January 26, 2010

On my mind lately

It's amazing to me to think my son will be behind the wheel in a couple of months. Such a scarry thought actually on my mind. I myself don't like to drive if I don't have to ,so the thought of teaching my son is boggling. I know my husband will be doing most of it and he'll take classes but... Oh my! So lately all the talk about is which car he would like. It ranges from an old Ford pick up trucks to a Jeep wrangler to a mustang. Lol! We shall see! Anyways ,it's definately a time in my life where I have to start to let go and this is hard! We all did it and are or will be going through, it but I'm not looking forward to it. I have to do this three times. Then I'll have five vehicles in my driveway...imagine that!I guess I'll be aging very quickly soon! Just thought I would share what's been on my mind. Have a great day!



  1. It is hard. I did it almost 2 years ago, but you'll get through it.
    I go through the next big one at the end of the school year... graduation...uhhhggg!

  2. we will be doing that soon also...my son is past the age to start driving, but he initially wasn't interested...i thought maybe that was hereditary...i didn't start driving until i was 19...

  3. Actually Tracy it sounds scarier than it really is.You sound like a great mother and im sure your hubby is a great father he will do well.I think in about a year you will be so relaxed over this issue.I had 2 girls go through it,if i can get through it with girls you can do it with a boy,lol.

    Now the graduation is another story.Take 3 or 4 boxes of tissue.That is a biggy,lol.

    Have a good week!

  4. LOL! Ok...I really, really understand! I don't think I had slept a full night since my first one started driving! So, I had to just put my children in God's hands and trust! Hang in there hon!