Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just one of those days...

It's a dark and dreary, rainy day. So it looks like a day to clean inside and to do the laundry. Fun! Fun! Fun! We tend to hang dry alot of our clothing. I have those metal rollers to hang our clothes on hangers and the folding laundry thingy to dry other garments. They will be air dried in the house fresh outside smell today. I love that fresh clean smell when you air dry the sheets! I have not done that in a long time. We do have a covered porch where I could hang a long rope to dry them too. How about you? Are the days of hang drying laundry gone? Of course I'm sure not for my in the country {or on the farms!} I remember the metal poles in my back yard when I was a kid with the laundry line. I remember them well because I used to climb and hang on them like monkey bars! Anyways,wishing you all a lovely day laundry day or not!



  1. Tracy:
    Hope you have a wonderful day.
    Blessings and prayers,

  2. Nope, the old fashioned way of hanging out laundry has not died in my home, nor in Germany, where most everyone still hangs almost everything to dry out doors. I have a dryer but many things can not go in it, so I hang things up to dry even in winter, but in the laundry room near the heater. during the summer everything goes out, cuz like you I love that fresh air smell, especially on the sheets. They are a bit old fashioned here and many women won't even use a dryer. I love it cuz it saves time, but I also try to hang things to save money! As for shimmying up the metal laundry poles, it used to be my favorite thing to do. Those very same poles were still in the yard when my mom's house got sold last year, and how I will miss them. Even my kids would shimmy them when ever we visited! Rainy and gloomy here too, and without the snow the mud has moved in. ugh.

  3. I love that photo.I still sometimes line dry my things.things like maybe doiles,lace tableclothes quilts other than that all things go into the dryer.

    Reminds me of Spring I wish it were coming soon.Its supposed to be bad tonight with freezing rain.UGH!

    Have a great rest of the week Tracy!

  4. I took my little daughter's picture like that once - and I want to frame it -

    sooo nice to see you again!

  5. i don't hang laundry outside...but i want to...i have to get on hubby to put up a few poles for me this spring...

  6. Hi, sweetie, thanks for your comment over on My Passport to Style. Adore your vintage laundry pic, soo sweet.The smell of freshly laundered sheets make me a very happy bunny!I notice we have not exchanged blog links yet, let me know if you would like to.You would make such a stylish addition to my blog list! Have a lovely weekend. Sharon xx

  7. I keep saying that I'm going to rig something up in the backyard, but haven't yet. And there isn't a good place to put in poles, because of the shape of the yard and the flower beds.

  8. I don't have those laundry poles but I remember running thru them at Grandma's house. Thanks for the memory. Come for a visit. I am having a giveaway.


  9. I adore hanging clothes outside to I love the look of laundry on the line. I would love one of those laundry poles. xo