Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday morning

The sun is just peeking out this morning and I'm having a cup of cafe' au lait. On the weekends and especially on Sunday morning I think of France as I'm drinking my coffee . I wish I could go to a Cafe' and sit and people watch while drinking my coffee and having a croissant!I looked back at my photos from our trip a couple years ago and would like to share a favorite place of mine.It's Honfleur.It's a city on the coast of Normandy.


  1. What a pretty place! I live not too far from France yet have never been to the coast there to see it, have been to Paris tho. Having seen your picture it makes me want to make a trip to Normandy myself and find great places like Honfleur! wishing you happy moments with reminiscing! Deborah

  2. Great to see you in blog land! I would love to be in France sipping some yummy cafe!! Great blog design btw!!