Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brrrr.....It was cold today!!!

Today reached a high of 35 degrees. I'm originally from upstate N.Y. I grew up with blizzards!I have not lived there for over 25 years . So I guess my blood has thinned out and can't take the cold!Tomorrow it's suppose to be 17 degrees and windy. The coldest it's been in 6 years here! But today I took my faithful camera out into the cold and found a sign of spring!Yay! These are some of my sprouting daffodils.


  1. Brrrr! You poor thing! I cannot take the cold! It is pretty chilly here in Dallas...35. But we'll be back in the 60s in a few days.
    Thanks for your comments. I am sorry that you are in a similar boat with your daughter. It is hard to see your child struggle. I wish her (and you) the very best!!

  2. I forgot to mention I'm in Atlanta..that's why I'm a baby when it comes to the cold{You know what I mean Southern Lady!}Dale..Thanks! We are blessed with happy,healthy and special children.The photo of W is adorable!Thanks for sharing!

  3. hee is -6 here right now...hubby just got in from raking the snow off the roof of the house...his sweat had formed into ice crystals on his eyebrows!!!

  4. Oh, brrrr! I don't think it reached 40 degrees today in Seattle either. That is cold enough for me... spring, where are you? lol Thank you for the peek of sprouting daffodils! What a beautiful sight :)