Thursday, July 21, 2011

The July Flower

 I've been away a bit. Taking advantage of the lazy,hazy ,hot and sticky and pretty much relaxing Summer days! I hope you all are too! We just received the back to school list in the mail today. Hard to believe it's already around the corner. Every Summer seems to breeze on by a bit faster as my children get older.
 Well I thought I would share The July flower today! Since we still are in July. It is the Double Stock Flower!
 The stock flower is often associated with beautiful symbolism. They are most commonly said to represent a contented and happy life; however, they are also thought to mean undying affection and love, as well as lasting beauty. Because of these symbols, stock flowers are often given as gifts as emblems of love, contentment and the wish for the recipient to be as happy and beautiful tomorrow as they are today. This information was found on
 Wishing you all a happy July Day!


  1. I have heard that the USA had/is having a really hot, hot, hot summer. Over here it is much too cold and rainy. Not sure which is the lesser of two evils. :-) Hard to believe that school is ready to start there already, our schools just closed for the 6 weeks of vThe kids are still enjoying those beginning feelings of freedom. Hope all is well. ~Debby

  2. Is this is a painting? I like this image very much. It looks real. Thanks for sharing.

  3. aren't you the terrible blogger! :) hee hee

    hope you are enjoying the summer Tracy...I bet that puppy is huge!!

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