Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shades of orange

A necklace I created ...I call it Eve.

My bright orange Le Creuset cooking pot. I bought that at a Garage Sale 15 years ago for $5.00! Love it!

Sweet chili pepper plant! So festive and sweet to eat!

My favorite glass lamp shade my husband gave me .

Today I'm inspired by the fabulous color of orange! I love this color and all of it's shades. I 've taken some photos around the home to share with you my inspirations! The image above is an old olive jar that I have and I love to put flowers in it. These were actually fresh burnt orange colored roses which are now dry and I love them..Enjoy and Happy Wednesday!


  1. I love orange this time of year.Lovely necklace,great name for it.Im getting hungry looking at that pot and those peppers,lol.

    Happy rest of the week.I feel for chili today...I think thats what I will have.

  2. Your necklace is adorable ! I love orange , and what a great pot to cook up a wonderful soup in for fall ! Great photos !
    The Little Things

  3. Orange is such a great color!!! It is warm and beautiful! Great photo selection.

  4. Tracy, I was just at my SIL's house yesterday and she showed me the color she wants to paint her living room wall! Orange!! Burnt orange and I thought it was gorgeous. And so is latest creation :)

  5. I love orange too! I also love that pot and what a great find. I have been tempted to buy one that I saw at Home Goods that was red. What a pretty necklace!

  6. Beautiful pics! I love that sweet chili pepper! I would like one around here. And of course, your creations are lovely!

  7. I so adore fall orange too...but I am afraid it is one colour I can not wear!

    Hugs for a great new week my friend. xoxo