Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ooo La La

Hot Summer days are upon us here! I've been really behind on my posting. So sorry. It's just these lazy Summer days where I'm finding it hard to be inspired. Dinner is really hard! I can't figure out what to cook because it's so hot and I really don't feel like cooking and my family ends up eating something not too healthy. Ugh! I'm inspired today though and I wanted to show you all some new rings I have created. I call them French Artsy Rings. They are really fun and look really nice on the finger too! So this is a good thing. My next step is making my family a home cooked meal this evening! Wishing you all a lovely day!


  1. Oh they are so adorable Tracy.I love the very first one with the blue.

    Oh dont tell me about HEAT,lol.Its so hot this summer,we are having a bit of rain today,a bit that is.Its dry and hot and the flowers arent doing real good either.Oh well.It should get cooler soon, hahahah.I had to laugh.

    Have a nice rest of the week.I dont cook for a family anymore I pity you I remember the days when deciding was so hard.Salad and burgers???healthy with some fruit?

  2. How pretty! Home-cooked meal sounds like a great enterprise. a lovely day to you, too!

  3. Tracy,
    The rings are too cute! Why don't you make a few bigger and sell them as napkin rings?

  4. These are really beautiful Sweetie!!!! Hope you are having a wonderful week:) Love, Jamie

  5. Your rings are amazing!!! I hear you when it comes to dinner inspirations...especially in the summer heat. xoxo Happy Friday

  6. These are really beautiful rings! Gorgeous!

  7. Tracy!!! Stop it!!! lol
    I just swoon over everything you create and those rings are ohhh la la magnifique!
    Have a great rest of the summer with your fam.
    french blessings,

  8. Cute!

    I hear you about summer!

  9. Fantastic rings!!! I have a difficult time with the cooking in the summer as well! Can't wait for fall.

  10. Hi Tracy....hope you are doing well....haven't seen you around, or a post - so it always sends up a 'red flag' to me :)

    Anne Marie