Friday, May 28, 2010

Meet Stanley

Wow...It's been awhile since my last blog! So sorry I haven't been around. I've been really busy with our new puppy and all the end of the school activities with the kids. Summer is here at our house!{not officially but with the kids out of school} it is to me. So....Stanley is 9 weeks old. We got him 2 weeks ago for a surprise for one of my daughter's birthday. It's the family dog but a surprise it was because she was out of town when we got him. He's super sweet! He is an English Springer Spaniel. My neighbors got one a few months ago and I fell in love with dog. Anyways, here he is! I'm a little sleep deprived but not too much. It's summer so I'll catch up...and The kids will help me. Ha! Not as much as I thought. At least not the night time potty time. It's just me and Stanley! What do you think of his name? We went through so many and came up with this one. We think he looks like a Stanley. Well,just checking in and letting you all know I've just been busy. I'm off to check and see everyone. Happy Memorial Weekend!


  1. Omigosh what a sweetie pie! Congratulations! Our family just adopted a dog last weekend and we are having so much fun with him. His name is Herman! Stanley is such a cute name!!

  2. what a sweet pup, I'd love to squeeze him!

  3. Wow - he is adorable! So cute he almost looks like an illustration of a puppy! :) I haven't been around as much either - I think this time of year is an adjustment, and then you catch up. Good luck with Stanley! :)

  4. Oh hes sooooo cute,lol.I love dogs.Hes just to cute,love his collar as well.

    Happy Memorial day weekend!

  5. oh my gosh tracy..........the CUTEST puppy!!

    they sure are a hand full - but so fun! it's the perfect time to get a puppy right now (weather wise :)

    hope you are well!........
    Anne Marie

  6. oh, my gosh!!! he is totally adorable Tracy...i can just imaging how tired you parents just got a new puppy and he is wearing them dad said it is worse than trying to keep up with a toddler...did you see the pics of my new brother on my blog? he is a cutie too!!!

  7. Such a cutie patootie! Have fun and get some rest :)

  8. Awww---he is just so cute! I used to babysit some Springer spaniels back when I was a teenager. Our neighbor had 3 of them and they were show dogs and spoiled rotten! lol But, it was good babysitting duty and they paid well. I love the name Stanley...that was my great Grandpa's name and every time we would get a new pet when we were kids, my Dad always voted for the name Stanley! LOL Brings back some good memories for me!
    Smiles, Karen