Friday, March 26, 2010

A is for Antioxidants

A diet rich with Antioxidants will help fight cancer,heart disease and even signs of aging. Lately, I've been on a health kick. I guess because it's swimsuit weather around the corner and this is what I do. I've been trying to eat better and excercise daily. I'm noticing positive results! Why oh why can't I keep this eat right track on all the time? It is definately a life style choice and it is an important one! It's getting yourself started and once you get over the hump of the first week, I think it it becomes a habit to try to eat right. Just like it says on the Wasa Cracker box " Eat Well Live Better"! So I just thought if I could inspire anyone to start a new day with a new way of eating and thinking you could be on the right track with me! Enjoy!


  1. So true Tracy!I eat all whole grains, bread pasta and even bagels.Fruit is carbohydrate but I must say I love it.Beans lentils etc I eat as well.You know I dont consider it a diet.Ive just pick up good things.Of course I binge and eat something sweet mostly brownies.If I havent had much in a day I dont even think about it!Dont think of it as a diet and you will do fine...because its really just eating the right things, the things that are good for you.

    Happy Weekend Tracy!

  2. you are so cute Tracy.........and I love that little egg cup

    i totally thought of you the other day when shopping and buying old clip earrings - you would have liked that sale!!

  3. I came across your beautiful jewelry today and just love your bracelets!! I have posted some photos and a link to your shop on my blog. I hope this is alright!

  4. That all looks so yummy--and healthy too--win win!
    Smiles, Karen

  5. Your photo makes everything look so yummy, and everything is!! I love all those things in the picture and I eat them as much as I can as in-between snacks. My favorite are blueberries, I can not eat enough of them. Maybe it is in my blood, being a NJ gal as I am, the land of blueberries!! :-) raspberries are a big thing here too and I love to combine them with blueberries and strawberries, a bit of sugar, and I am in heaven! thanks for your comment on my recent post Tracy, you are one of my golden-blogger friends!! hugs from afar, Debby
    (p.s. loved your wedding collection of cuffs so much in their eggplant and ivory colors, I have been telling everyone around here about it and trying to send some business your way to your etsy shop. You did a lovely job on those!!)

  6. Love everything..blueberries are my fav. Happy week to you my friend.